Anatomy of a Photo Shoot 2

Once a month, we put on a big production of a photo shoot with our executive chef.  It has gotten to be a bigger production than the last time I wrote about it, but we still follow the same basic formula.  Those shoots are orderly and we reliably churn out about 15 impeccable recipes in a single day for our customers.

Lately we have also gotten into the habit of doing smaller shoots without a chef, which means a less formal, more basic, more chaotic day with much less reliable results.  In a shoot with a proper chef almost 100% of the dishes are on point.  Left to our own devices, we’re probably more like 75%.  Oh well.  We have fun with it.  Here’s some shots from a recent chef-less day spent exploring applications for panforte and vigna oro balsamic vinegar.  Turns out you can crisp up panforte like a cookie, which opens up a lot of possibilities.  We’ll be streaming ideas out on the blog shortly…

Unwrapping chocolate panforte for its closeup.

Preparing asparagus with vigna oro balsamic and parmigiano reggiano.

A close-up of the panforte-pancetta salad as we sprinkled cheese on it…because you know you wanted one.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone and balsamic vinegar for dessert!



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