First New Products of 2017

We’ve got some really tasty additions to the stores for you today – check them out!

New to Marx Foods:

Live Singing Pink Scallops

Live Singing Pink Scallops are a Pacific Northwest delicacy that’ve been off the commercial market for 20 years, now we’re excited to bring them to you! Their meat is tender, less sweet, and more complex than conventional scallops, and their shells are absolutely gorgeous!

Live Singing Pink Scallops

Grass-Fed Beef:

Canoe Cut Marrow Bones
Love roasted bone marrow in restaurants? These canoe-cut bones make it exceptionally easy to prepare & serve at home!
Bolar Blades
A slow roasting or braising cut packed with great flavor at a more affordable price.

Kurobuta Pork:

Make a bold statement on the plate with these luxurious, striking bone-in cuts. Tomahawk racks have extra-long Frenched bones, while the double-cut rib chops are tall on the plate & a truly generous serving.

Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk Racks Kurobuta Pork Double-Cut Rib Chops

Iberico Pork:

Incredibly moist, rich, and flavorful, Iberico pork collars are highly prized in Japan for slicing ultra-thin & searing.

Iberico Pork Collars


The top quality Grupo Hermi Spanish rabbit program is expanding into three new options! Rabbit striploins are tender portions of rabbit saddle meat, ready to use right out of the bag. Rabbit rib chops are small morsels of bone-in meat, perfect for appetizers or hors d’oeuvres. We also now offer ground rabbit which can be used in a huge variety of applications.

Rabbit Striploins Rabbit Rib Chops Ground Rabbit


Bison Ribeyes can be roasted whole before slicing or cut into bison ribeye steaks. Either way you’re assured bold flavor.

Whole Bison Ribeyes

Specialty Produce:

Tiny Peppers Pea-Wee Greens Petite Watercress Pink Ice
Rootbeer Leaf Green Nature Straws
& Red Nature Straws
Petite Watercress Red
New to Marx Pantry:

Salmon Bites:

Thicker cut and more moist/tender than salmon jerky, these bites are a luxurious alternative with really interesting flavors.

Spruce Tip Salmon Bites Sea Kelp & Sesame Salmon Bites

New Grass-Fed Beef Jerkies:

We’re hooked on top quality grass-fed beef here at Marx Foods, and have been searching for half-a-year for a grass-fed jerky that’s similarly delicious. We’ve finally found two!

New Zealand beef jerky is actually smoked (instead of marinated with liquid smoke, which is common) over native Manuka wood for a smoke flavor that’s more elegant & balanced. It’s not overly sweet, with a peppery bite.

Biltong is South African-style beef jerky, which has a tangy from traditionally being flavored with vinegar and coriander. This version is also flavored with chile for a bit of kick.

In addition to the different seasonings, what makes biltong different from conventional American-style jerky is the drying process – biltong is dried as blocks, rather than strips, and then cut against the grain. This gives it a very different, softer texture.

Smoked Grass-fed Beef Jerky Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Biltong

New Insects:

Male Rhino Beetles
These beetles’ shells are really too thick to be eaten whole. They’re typically finely ground for use as an ingredient or protein supplement. However if you leave them whole, they make a truly striking garnish.
Forest Shield Bugs
AKA stink bugs (yes, stink bugs), these insects have a unique, pungent flavor that’s traditionally combined with spicy ingredients in Thailand.

Organic Cooked Chestnuts:

All the flavor & creamy texture of European chestnuts, with none of the work! These chestnuts are peeled & cooked, ready to open & use in desserts, stuffing, and other recipes.

Organic Cooked Chestnuts

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