New Ovation 100% Grass-Fed Lamb!

We’re really excited about our new Ovation lamb from New Zealand. Like our other New Zealand meats, it checks all the important environmental & husbandry boxes:

✔ 100% Grass-Fed & Finished
✔ Pasture Raised Free Range
✔ No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
✔ GMOs are Illegal in New Zealand

However, there are several unique aspects that make Ovation lamb much better than other New Zealand lamb programs:

The Ovation Difference: Chef Ready

Most of the cuts in the program are “Chef Ready” – immaculately cleaned further than their equivalents from other producers. That means you’re able to use them right out of the packaging without trimming.

Taking Extra Time for Extra Quality

All the Chef Ready cuts are all graded for top notch quality, and all cuts are carefully aged for a full 96-hours – longer than most other programs. This extra aging time brings the meat to the pinnacle of flavor & tenderness.

Chef Ready Cuts are Individually Weighed By Hand

This may be something chefs are more likely to notice than home cooks, but a lot of programs don’t weight grade their non-rack cuts…and the racks they often weigh by the 2-rack pack. That means your pack could have one big rack and one small rack – as long as they average to the right weight.

Ovation Chef Ready cuts are held to a much tighter standard – and they weight-range cuts that many other people don’t (shanks, bone-in legs & striploins).

For chefs this is very important to ensuring that every customer in their dining room gets an equal share (and one they can track the cost of effectively). For home cooks, the biggest benefit may be that Chef Ready cuts should cook at very similar times, making it easier to dial in that perfect Medium Rare.

The results of all this extra care are truly delicious. Check out the Ovation cuts now available on the Marx Foods store:

Frenched 8-Rib Racks Frenched 4-Rib Half Racks Tenderloins

Boneless Striploins Hindshanks Foreshanks

Bone-In Legs Boneless Legs Boneless Shoulders

Burgers Trim

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