We’re Looking for a Test Kitchen Chef

We’re looking for a new chef to join our team in our test kitchen for 1-2 days a month. You’ll bring a fresh perspective, expertise and creativity to help us find new ways to make our diverse catalog of proteins really shine.

Some test kitchen shoots are primarily focused on recipes where anywhere from 8-15 recipes are tested and plated dishes are photographed. Other test kitchens get much more technical. We dig in and get to know all the details of a single or select few cuts and explore the different ways they can be prepared and plated.

Here’s how it works:

• We pick the protein & send you a list of cuts.
• You send us your ideas. We don’t need formalized or final recipes up front, just enough to know what you’re thinking so we can put together a shopping list.
• We’ll go shopping and prep anything the day before, if needed.
• On shoot day, all you have to do is show up & cook!

Working in the test kitchen is well-orchestrated chaos. Typically 9-5, it’s an energetic and fun day. You’ll be interacting a lot with the photographer, helping to style dishes to make sure the proteins shine.

We’ve got cooks on staff and a test kitchen manager who will help with the flow, prep and clean up. Our shoot team includes a photographer, videographer, writer and project manager, so you don’t have to worry about recording or keeping track of anything. All you need to do is bring your ideas & be ready to cook.

If this sounds like something you’d love, let’s talk. Email me at: justin [at] marxfoods.com [dot] com. Tell me why you’re interested and what your availability is like.

We look forward to cooking with you soon!

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  1. hello justin I’m a pig farmer and for some years I’ve been raising pasture raised mangalitsas..I’ve noticed your website mangalitsas out of stock no luck contacting your buyers. any interest?

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