Hot off the Food & Wine Press

To say I am ecstatic that Marx Foods is featured in the July issue of Food & Wine magazine doesn’t cover it. After a few phone interviews with Kristin Donnelly and staging an elaborate photo shoot to submit images for the article (like the one below), all we could do was wait eagerly to see what would happen…

Then came the ecstatic/delirious/downright giddy part.

Kristin sent me a copy of the issue and I gave it to all of my staff to read immediately. I couldn’t be more humbled and honored by what Kristin and the Food & Wine editors said about us. They called Marx Foods a “remarkable specialty grocer” and me a “food scout extraordinaire.” Wow.

Thank you Kristin, thank you Food & Wine, and thank you everyone for listening to me gush.

5 Replies to “Hot off the Food & Wine Press”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS – I am so very proud to know you and I feel like I am a part of the MarxFoods family so I am also giddy with delight!

  2. Congratulations on your first national magazine “break” !
    Let’s hope this helps spread the word to others that you have the same high quality products that they have experienced in the finest restaurants. They should be excited to know that they can create these same dishes in the comfort of their home! Your belief in these products shines through!

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