New to the Store – Sept 2017

More Edible Flowers

White Shiso Flowers
Purple Shiso Flowers

Chocolate Bellflowers
Broccoli Flowers
Pea Flowers

Rose Little Red Corvette
Micro Lavender Blossoms
Sage Monet Pink Flowers

Mum Flowers

Acorn-Fed (Bellota) Iberico Pork Cuts

If Iberico pork is the best in the world (we think it probably is) Bellota is the best Iberico pork, finished on acorns that make the fat sweeter, nuttier, and meltingly smooth.

Bellota Tenderloins
Bellota Frenched Racks
Bellota Shoulder Eye Steaks (Presa)
Bellota Secretos

More cuts are coming soon!

Expanded Game Meats Collection


Coulotte Steaks
Frenched Rib Chops
Tomahawk Steaks
Bottom Rounds
Osso Bucco
Smoked Salami

Wild Boar
Frenched Saddle Chops
Osso Bucco

Exciting Roasting Cuts Ahead of the Holidays

Suckling Lambs
Suckling Pig
Roasting Pig

New Duck Cuts

Duck Bacon
Ground Pekin Duck Meat


Fireflower Habanero Hot Sauce

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