BIG Product Tasting Coming Up!

It’s been a busy few months of Travel for Ryan in San Fransisco & Portland; and me in LA, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and New Zealand. It’s hard to say whether the travel was for business or pleasure anymore because my life’s work and pleasure is increasingly merging into one. It’s a good thing that my wife loves good food too, because lately more than ever our trips have become gastronomic tours. Armed with Matthew’s (our food writer’s) custom food scene research, I drag our palates and ourselves on culinary romps of our country’s best restaurants, retail shops and farmer’s markets.

We have added about 150 new products to the store this year and probably have another 150 to go before we have our collection complete for our first brick and mortar store coming this Fall to Seattle. Rather than taste products as they came in as we normally do, we decided to make a little event of it. It’s turned into more of a private trade show for my staff and our guest tasters Baketard & Surly Gourmand. On Friday, we’ll mix some

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cocktails and attempt to taste a mountain of products to adjudicate whether they are worthy in our collection.

Friday’s Agenda (and still counting):
25 chocolates & sweet treats
15 jams/preserves/honey
14 mustards and savory spreads
7 Vinegars
7 cracker/bread products
3 spicy sauces
3 syrups
3 salts
4 oils

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