The 6th Marx Generation is Here!

I’m an uncle as of March 11th!  And the Marx family now has the 6th generation to groom for the family business.  That means that as soon as he can push a broom, that cute little dude is headed straight to the warehouse.  We are big fans of child labor in this family.  Lucky for him, our business has gotten a lot cleaner than the slaughterhouse that I grew up in.

Welcome Jaxson Monroe Marx.

Look at that cute little bugger … already at work at 2 months old.  Here he is practicing for the holiday party with some butt photocopying.

And there he is trying on Daddy’s (Keith’s) headset.  I’m sure he’ll be selling meat in no time.  Look how proud Keith is.  For some reason this picture makes me imagine Keith playing mama bird / baby bird with beef tartare very soon.

Based on his name, my prediction is that he’ll have the following attributes:

Jaxson.  The name Jaxson is so similar in spelling and sound to his uncle Justin (ahem, me) that he’s sure to be all of the wonderful things that you want in a man.  Haha, just kidding.  Sorry Keith, but with that name, he’ll probably be all of the things that you make fun of me for.

Monroe.  Monroe is his fun-loving grandfather’s first name.  Based on this middle name, we know that he will be a ball buster of epic proportions and a really cuddly grandfather.  Let me apologize in advance to his future younger siblings and congratulate his future grandkids.

Marx.  He’ll be a hard core carnivore.  And he’ll never lose his love of boobs.

Welcome little buddy.  We love you.  And we’ll put you to work real soon.  Now, will you just let Keith get a good night of sleep so he can focus on his work, damnit 😉

2 Replies to “The 6th Marx Generation is Here!”

  1. Unfortunately for you, and keith, all of Jaxsons qualities will come from me, Uncle Garrett. By far the best of all the Marx boys….I may be a little rough around the edges, but i turned out ok…right?? haha 😉 We need to add some more Marxs!!!

  2. As the mother of the 5th generation of Marx’s,I can tell you all that Jaxson will have his work cut out for him since my three sons are building their family business so nicely! Justin, you have a way with words and have an innovative mind. Keith, you always show “stick-to-it-ness” and are very honest. Garrett, you never let anything, or anyone, get by you. You always insist on a job being well-done! Your strengths compliment each other. You guys make such a great team!
    By the time my little grandson takes over,he will have learned from the best! I’m proud of you guys! Now you all have even more of a reason to “carry on”~~~~~SO~~~~~carry on & let’s have a few more little girls or boys to help Jaxson out with his immense responsibility! Garrett, I’m counting on YOU to teach him the “ways of the world!” LOL!
    Now get busy, all of you, in suppling the enlightened of the world in your “top shelf” products!!

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