What does it take?

The webstore has definitely been growing at a respectful pace since we launched it a few years ago. But, I am ready to move out of the “respectful” chapter.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE to create BIG growth … 100-FOLD growth?

I am searching for this answer. Working my ass off to find it. I figure that whatever year it is that we hit it … it will happen in a December. So, I am putting everything I have got into this.

It is a damn good thing that I

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am having fun!

PS: New York Times … Will you pay some fucking attention to us? Grrrrrr.

2 Replies to “What does it take?”

  1. Justin,

    The number one thing all businesses have that succeed (and I’m sure you do have one) is a detailed business plan, and a well defined set of goals. Maybe revisit your business plan and see how closely your business model is from what you started out with, and what it has grown to today. Does it closely resemble what you laid out in the planning stages, or has it changed beyond the scope of your original plan?

    Also think about why you want to attain your new growth goals and how those goals need to be met. What function of the business do you want that growth to come from? Do you want increased revenue from being able to lower your costs? Do you want to expand your inventory, thus broadening your mass market appeal? Or do you want to just increase your sales volume of current products? Being able to define the factors that will increase growth will be beneficial in understanding just how those fit into the growth of the company.

  2. Hey John, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I am from the instant gratification generation, so I want everything that you listed … and I want it now 😉 Hmmm…how to narrow that down. My business plan was like that of a dotcom … wildly inflated numbers that were based on nothing. And, we are on the 5th iteration of the site, so we are very far from our original plan. But, I like your idea. I am going to go read it. December starts tomorrow!

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