We are having way too much fun today

We are announcing a new recipe challenge later today.  We held the photoshoot this morning and Ryan is currently designing the poster for the challenge post. 

Everybody in the office was laughing hysterically, except for Nyoki.  It’s not that he is upset about being in a santa/elf costume … he loves the costumes because he is always rewarded with lots of treats … he is just stone-cold serious because I have a bowl of turkey meat in my hand (that’s how I bribe him to dress up for us and stay still).  Nyoki will do anything for Turkey. 

In any event, it was a very fun morning and everyone here is in a super good mood … a hearty laugh will do that to you!  Our office pack is great for lightening up the office!

PS.  The shoot was for this post.

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  1. Woof woof, Denise! I passed on the recipe to Justin … told him that I am a little bored by my monotonous 100% raw meat diet. He told me that I am spoiled. I have learned that if I am persistent long enough and make my uber-cute face, I usually get what I want. So, wish me luck. Wag, wag.

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