Easiest Hiring Ever!

Normally, I put a job on craigslist and then spend a day reviewing the deluge of a hundred or so resumes that I get in 24 hours.

This time, I put it out there to the blogosphere.   I received three resumes from three people who seem well suited to the job.  I have three interviews set up for Monday.  That was easy.  And, you know what … I would so much rather hire bloggers and their friends.

Bloggers … you rock!   Whoever passed this on to Arianna, Terrell & Alysia, you have my gratitude.   Well see how it goes, but this might be the end of my relationship with Craig and his list.

3 Replies to “Easiest Hiring Ever!”

  1. I’m interested in buying organic or conventional tarragon in bulk, ~ 500 lbs/week.

    Is this something you can provide?

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