The Absoloms – Genetics Masters

The Absoloms are your postcard-perfect ranching family… with the volume turned up: gorgeous land, classic farmhouse, gregarious and hospitable family.
The Absoloms are in the business of raising breeding stock. What does that mean? Well, ranchers carefully manage the genetics of their herds. Traditionally, ranchers would selectively breed for particular traits and to avoid inbreeding. Today, it is remarkably more sophisticated. Via DNA testing, tracking offspring and probably so many other things that I don’t understand, ranchers can carefully manage their genetics to make sure their herd has fantastic eating qualities. Did you know, for example, that there are genetic markers for things like marbling and
tenderness and that most ranchers know the genetic quality of their animals before they add them to their herd?
Certain ranchers, like the Absoloms, focus on raising breeding stock rather than raising animals for meat. They basically sell genetics in the form of young bulls and semen. One of their bulls, named Infinity E3, probably has a higher net worth than you or I.
Once you meet this family, it is little surprise that the Absoloms are in the business of beef, lamb and venison genetics. John & Star Absolom also clearly have a premium breeding program as well for the humans on the ranch: just as their bulls have above average eating qualities, their family has above average looks and demeanors. To use their parlance, John has “sired” four strapping sons who also seem to have pulled down beautiful wives to continue the good genes breeding. We spent an evening with the family, had a blast, and attempted to wrap our minds around their very sophisticated breeding operation. We less successfully attempted to wrap our minds around their favorite sport: cricket.
The important thing to know is that good genetics is the first step in producing quality meat and one of the big reasons why our New Zealand Grass-fed Beef from Silver Fern Farms is the best beef you have ever eaten. And, all you need to know for now about New Zealand cricket is that the Otago Volts are the reigning champs!
The Absoloms’ next door neighbors, the Crosses, are no less exceptional. Read their story here.

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