Check This Stud Out

His name is “Infinity E3” and he is the man. Don’t believe me? Listen to this: E3 gets to mate with over a hundred cows a year. Every year. Wilt Chamberlain would have been jealous.
Before I met E3, his owner Daniel Absolom told me “the unique thing about E3 is his performance metrics.” Performance Metrics? Excuse me?
It turns out that genetics is one of the three key factors in meat quality (the other two are on-farm management and processing). And that is why E3 is such a ladies man. Angus farmers want his
genetics in their herd, so they are willing to pay handsomely for his offspring and his semen.
I bet that’s something you never thought about while choosing a steak.
Did you know that there are genetic markers for things like marbling and tenderness? In fact, there’s at least a dozen performance metrics that ranchers look for when purchasing breeding stock for their herds. E3’s offspring are in the top 69th percentile for rib fat and 68th percentile for rump fat, making him and his progeny likely to have great marbling. He’s in a whopping 83rd percentile for birth weight and upper 70th percentiles for all of the weight measurements, you know his kids are going to grow up nice and big. His scrotal size is in the 78th percentile which means that his male offspring will likely have big balls (ie big loads ie lots of semen to sell!). A short gestation length in his genes means that his female offspring can restart their reproductive cycle quicker.
He’s basically in the upper percentiles for everything. Better genetics are more expensive, but also produce meat with better eating qualities.  You get what you pay for.  Want to try some grass-fed meat with impeccable genetics and, therefore, exceptional eating qualities?  Order it here.

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