Farmbox Greens at Marx Foods!

I’m super excited to be the first retailer in Seattle (and maybe the country) to offer urban-farmed microgreens from Farmbox Greens.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also delicious, thanks to a perfectly balanced regimen of light, moisture and nutrients.  Dan, the owner of Farmbox Greens, has achieved this by building a perfectly controlled urban farm right around the corner in West Seattle.

Urban farming was once only found in futurists’ dreams, but mission-driven entrepreneurs like Dan are making it a reality – hoping to develop a model that can have national impact.

You’d walk right by Farmbox Greens in West Seattle, because it looks like a garage.  In fact it actually IS a garage…at least on the outside.

On the inside it’s a squeaky clean, perfectly controlled, state of the art facility where they grow these tasty greens as sustainably as possible.  This isn’t a side project for Dan (a landscape architect by day).  It’s a crusade.  He wants to teach us all how much tastier and more efficient (in land and resources) urban farming can be.  And the results are delicious.

We had a lot of fun visiting the Farmbox facility and shooting this video.   I think it really captures who Dan is, what he’s doing, and what makes these microgreens so special.

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