Box Art By Garrett Marx

Because a lot of the meat sold on MarxFoods ships from our New Jersey facility, but is photographed here, we often get “care packages” of goodies to be used in photo shoots, recipe development, etc.

While boxes filled with New Zealand grass-fed beef are plenty exciting on their own, my brother Garrett has taken it upon himself to inject his signature style of humor. Each box destined for the Seattle office arrives covered with drawings and messages that leave little doubt as to who handed it to the FedEx guy.

We’ve decided to start memorializing Garrett’s artistry for the world to enjoy (and future inclusion in any eventual collections of his work in art galleries).

Here’s his latest:







Newark Shipping Crew

2 Replies to “Box Art By Garrett Marx”

  1. Garrett~~~~
    Glad to see your sense of humor and artistic ability has spilled over into your work.
    Next time I see you, I’ll provide you with a WHOLE set of permanent markers.
    Oh boy! What will you come up with?!
    Never a dull moment

  2. I’ve been told I’m Picasso “like” or even something like Van Gough

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