Elite Blogger Recipe Challenge : Black Garlic

We’re looking for four bloggers to create two original recipes each using black garlic, an intriguing and increasingly popular ingredient that we have little experience with.

A $100 store credit is the booty for the author of our favorite pair of recipes. That’s right, a pair. We’ll send two bulbs of black garlic for you to make one hot dish and one cold/room temp dish. Post your recipes by December 3rd.

If you want in, send me an email (justin at marxfoods dot com) by Nov. 17th … I’ll pick four bloggers and send the black garlic overnight on the 18th. The

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author of our favorite pair of recipes gets the $100 MarxFoods.com Store Credit and the chance to enter the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge.

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  1. Hello,
    I just came across this post. I would love to try black garlic, as the possibilities seem rich. I know I missed the deadline, but if the opportunity is still available, I would love to take part.
    My address just in case:
    12986 S. Outback Ct
    Traverse City, MI 49684

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