Cute LOL stuff – Our office pack is always good for it

Did I mention that our office pack is a riot? While they get plenty of treats around here, they are also not immune to my taunts. It was way too funny when I teased them with this Grass-fed Ribeye. They certainly ended up getting some scraps after I sliced it up and sampled for our staff, but they had to wait a bit after this photo.

The humans work hard around here, but I don’t know if anyone ever gets as serious as these dogs when they want raw meat. So cute and funny. Look at those faces. Raw meat is serious business.

Pack Wants Grassfed Beef!

5 Replies to “Cute LOL stuff – Our office pack is always good for it”

  1. Wow, thats my exact reaction to raw meat. I’m worse than my 2 english bulldogs. They cant stand still when they see meat, they go nuts, so ur pack seems patient.

  2. Our dogs get nothing BUT raw meat and vegetables. When we handle the meat around here, it’s just another day at the office…with hundred pound co-workers trying to get a sniff.

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