Want to Get Fowl, Seattle?


We’ve got game birds looking for a hot and smoky home. Want to adopt devour them? You’ll have to open your kitchen up for 3 pheasants, 3 Guinea Fowl and 3 Poulet Rouge … a little menagerie of fowl.

We want to send these birds home with a blogger who will put them to good use, have fun with them, add some recipes to the blogosphere. Maybe you could have a cook off with a few blogger co-conspirators, do a recipe contest with some fellow bloggers (who knows, we might even throw a prize in there)…you could even have your own mini cooking series for those who are poultry-curious. Help us develop some more recipes for our customers to use.

What would you do with these birds? Tell us your best ideas and we’ll decide which blogger(s) will take some or all home. The catch, besides having to reside in Seattle, is that these birds are pick-up only, no deliveries. We’re holding these birds in our office in Lower Queen Anne and they need to be picked up on Friday, 2/24 (or Monday at the latest). Email your best ideas to Justin at justin(at)marxfoods(dot)com.

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