Friends & Family Party was a Blast!!!

On Tuesday we officially christened the Marx Foods retail store with a Friends & Family party.  It was great to show everyone our new shop!

Outside Looking In:

Marx Foods Retail Store 1
Inside Looking Out:

Marx Foods Retail Store 2
Justin Marx
Of course, we aren’t just starting a new retail endeavor, we’re launching about a hundred new products!  We had 35-40 of them out for people to try.  Here are some of our new caramels, jams and spreads.

Marx Foods Opening Party

The pistachio cream appeared to be a universal favorite….people kept tasting it again and again;)

Our new hot sauces collection generated a lot of discussion as people argued over which one they liked best.  Each of the four we had open offered very different flavor profiles, so there was something for everyone.

Marx Foods Hot Sauces

To make sure nobody went thirsty, Katie mixed up three signature cocktails featuring tart cherry grenadine, elderflower syrup, and yuzu juice, plus fresh sodas using our new lovage syrup, sarsaparilla syrup & hibiscus syrup.

Cocktail Mixers

Come check us out at 144 Western Ave W.  We’re open 11-7 weekdays and 10-3 on Saturdays.

6 Replies to “Friends & Family Party was a Blast!!!”

  1. Looks good big brother…Looks beautiful…Family, Hard Work & Dedication. MARX ALL THE WAY.. I think many cities need delicious food 😉

  2. I just opened and sampled the “first field” Jersey ketchup you sent me. Wow, did it add lots to my grilled cheese sandwich! (HaHa! It really did.) I’ll have to keep that bottle away from your brothers~~~You know how they are with ketchup!
    I think the next time I need to send a gift to someone, I might need to call on you & your products. It was so much fun making my way through the box of “goodies” you sent.
    I can’t wait to try those other interesting items! Why not offer “gift baskets” made up by you & your staff, including items of a particular theme, based on the recipient’s tastes?
    I’m sure that would add a nice twist to the boring fruit baskets that some food companies offer.
    Now to try that carmalized garlic…hhmm You may be turning me into a real “foodie”!

  3. Glad you like everything, mom. Definitely keep that ketchup away from the animals 😉 We are going to do gift baskets next year for sure, we just couldn’t pull it off this year with everything else going on.

  4. A creative idea for a creative business:
    Well, until you “officially” create Marxfood baskets~~~~~why not sell empty baskets, of varying size and style, to keep in your store for those “walk-in” customers?! They can have fun creating their own gifts?! Creative gifts that require thought are always the ones most well received.
    (Now that I think about this, the baskets can also be chosen & purchased from marxfoods on line. You guys can then fill the baskets and mail.)

    Happy New Year to those at Marxfoods-Seattle!!

  5. Congrats! Now all you need to do is start one up in austin tx! It would be a huge hit!!! Good luck to Marx foods! Cheers!

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