Our office dogs make us laugh, but can they discern quality beef?

On Friday, we sampled some of our new line of grass-fed beef from New Zealand. It is pretty amazing stuff and we have received wonderful feedback. We opened up a striploin, ribeye & rump cap. I cut some thin steaks and seared them in peanut oil with a little salt & pepper.

Everyone got to taste and the flavor was amazing. Juicy, tender and rich: but not heavy or oily like grain-fed beef. It is some good stuff that you will be hearing a lot more about in the future … we love it and we think that it will be very popular, so we will be marketing it heavily.

After we were done sampling, I chopped up some of the more gristly parts and our epicurean canines got a chance to sample as well. Normally, our office pack is happy to eat everything that we give them … but their behavior certainly constituted an enthusiastic endorsement. In the above picture, I am not even commanding them to do tricks, yet Nyoki is rolling over, Denali is turning around and Buddy is doing what he does best: looking cute.

It is so amazing to have dogs in the office. They are such a trip. We all got some hearty laughter in before going home for the weekend … and to have a moment like that in a work environment is priceless.

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