Nokomai Station is Lamb Nirvana

100,000 Alpine acres are the home of 25,000 Alpine-origin Merino. The Hore family have an impressive Merino wool and meat operation and are incredibly gracious hosts. In an absolutely idyllic environment they produce the finest lamb we have ever eaten (once we start importing it next month, we know you will agree.  This stuff is the real deal).  Pictures and videos tell the story far better than I can, so here goes:
The 100,000 acre range is vast and gorgeous and the only way to take it in is by helicopter.
Alpine-origin Merino roam freely and eat native grasses and alpine herbs. That’s one of the reasons why their meat is so flavorful.  In a couple months we will be introducing Silere Alpine-Origin Merino to the US market.
Lamb-valanche! This is what 4,300 lamb herded down a mountain looks like.
Scenes for The Hobbit were filmed here.  Every bit of land that you see is dotted with Silere Alpine-origin Merino.
Sheep doing what sheep do. It’s hard to argue with the ethics of meat from animals raised so freely.
Shepherds and dogs bring lamb down from the alpine country.
The lower pastures are serene and picturesque
Merino lamb being sheared. Just as merino wool is finer textured, Silere Alpine-origin Merino meat is also more finely textured. It has a fantastically silky mouthfeel compared to ordinary lamb.

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