New Link Lab Sausages & Marx Pantry Goodies!

New to Marx Foods:
Link Lab Sausages!
Link Lab Sausages

We love Link Lab Sausages at Marx Foods.  They’re handmade, chef-quality sausages produced by a Seattle company in small batches from local, responsibly-raised meats.  The level of quality is top notch, and you can tell due to their more tender texture, the pronounced “snap” of natural casings, and superior flavor.

Watch our behind-the-scenes producer spotlight video (below) to learn more about them, and check out the varieties to pick out your new favorite!

New to Marx Pantry:

Shiro Plum & Mint Jam

The label says it all, but it doesn’t do the flavor of this plum & mint jam justice.  The balance between the tangy, fruity, sweet plum & herby, fresh spearmint is spot on, and that makes all the difference.  Jam of this quality isn’t just for toast.  Try it with fine cheeses, in sauces, on desserts or stirred into yogurt, or shake/stir some into your next vinaigrette.

Pasteli Sesame Bar

Sesame Bar

Snack like ancient Greek warriors (seriously, this stuff was mentioned in The Illiad) with Greek pasteli bars.  These delightful treats have only two ingredients: sesame seeds & Greek honey.  They’re super-duper tasty and were used as energy bars by Greek athletes & soldiers.

Then the Savory…

Red Boat Chef’s Cuvee Fish Sauce

Cuvee Fish Sauce

Red Boat is the chef’s favorite fish sauce brand, offering superb flavor for the price.  Their chef’s cuvee fish sauce is even more special.  After the sauce comes out of Red Boat’s traditional cask-fermenting process, it gets aged again in bourbon barrels, making its flavor incredibly smooth.  It’s amazing stuff.

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