I have a fetish

There are many kinds of virginity. Thank goodness that being married doesn’t preclude me from taking a particular kind of virginity. Men, women, children, seniors … whatever. When it comes to getting people to eat their first oyster, I am king. I have a fetish for taking people’s oyster virginity. I looooove it. I wish I have been keeping count, because I’d be somewhere around 100. Anyway, I had another happy victim today: Katie, our newest staff member.

She had one and then she had another. As a bonus, I talked Angela into her second oyster experience. And, Matt had another today too. We all had some beer and a couple oysters. It was fun. And, I will tell you with certainty that everybody is putting up less and less resistance to oysters. Don’t you feel bad for my staff? πŸ˜‰ Can you imagine having to suffer through random breaks at work where your boss makes you eat oysters and drink beer?

While I love getting people to try their first oyster, I love eating oysters even more. We are adding another oyster variety to our store shortly: Shigoku / Kusshi Oysters. I am pretty pumped about shigokus. They have a deep cup and are very briny and delicious. We had some in the office today to photograph them for the store. And, I’ll never miss an opportunity to eat oysters with everybody at work!

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