Dog Birthday a Hysterical way to end the week

Denali turned 2 so Katy baked a doggie carrot cake for the pack and they feasted while we tasted some new truffle products and sipped champagne on Friday to wrap up the work week. It was a freakin hysterical way to end a very busy week. Happy Birthday Denali!

Apparently, Katy is a good dog baker because the dogs completely lost it, attempting to gorge themselves … Denali was nice enough to share with Nyoki, who couldn’t believe what was happening … surely he had died and gone to heaven.

Food coma or cakey bliss? We’re not sure, but Denali is a fan of doggie cake 😉 Fortunately for her, we didn’t let the pups finish the cake at the office … so she still had a second round to look forward to at home.

And, I am happy to report that Nyoki, at least, did not diarrhea all over the rug last night. Hopefully Denali and Buddy digestted the cake well too.

A big kudos to katy for sewing Denali’s birthday hat, baking the cake and giving us a robust laugh to wrap up the week.

Post Written by Justin Marx

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