A fun first post: The Company Picnic

I am a tough act to follow when it comes to our company parties and unfortunately for me, I keep having to follow myself.  Our parties tend to be rather delish.

The summer party is a lot of work since I do all the cooking and hosting.  But, I don’t mind … company parties are extremely important to me.  They are an opportunity to relax with my team, get to know their partners, and recognize their good work.  The parties bring the team together and often feel like chapter openers/closers.  Most importantly, they are straight-up fun for everybody.

This past weekend’s company picnic was no exception.  The weather was epic all day.  We ate.  We swam.  We laughed.  We played a ladderball tourney for the 2nd Annual Zucchini Cup.  Did some cruisin on the boat and learned that Bryden is destined to either be a boat captain or to follow his male lineage … and love cars.  The daytime part was hot, fun and intoxicating.  Now that I think of it, so was the nighttime part.

Dinner was abundant but pretty simple summer fare: Grilled Corn with Tarragon Butter; Grilled Whole Salmon; BBQ’d chicken; beet salad (from katy’s garden); slaw; green salad; and pasta salad.  Cupcakes and balsamic marinated strawberries over vanilla coconut bliss were consumed robustly.  So much so that little room remained for smores around the firepit.

To my staff :  Many, many thanks for all that you do.  As you know, we are heading into the busy fourth quarter.  But, fear not … our holiday party will be right on its heels.  If anyone has an idea of how I could top a well fortified degustazione menu at Spinasse paired with copious alcohol, I am all ears (and tastebuds).

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