Behind the Scenes of our Summer Camping Photoshoot

Recently our team headed out to the nearby Tolt-MacDonald Campground just outside of Seattle to set the scene for some fun camping photos and video content. We had a beautiful sunny day and some delicious food to grill up, including our grass-fed burgers as well as some sausages and hot dogs. I was extra excited and also a bit nervous because it was my first photography assignment for Marx Foods. Luckily the good company and gorgeous food gave me a lot of inspiration to work with and I could just enjoy taking photos.

The campground was one I hadn’t visited before and definitely one I want to go back to some weekend soon. They have yurts and traditional campsites as well as cabins, one of which is what we reserved as the backdrop for our shoot. I hear they also have lots of great trails around the campground which I’m looking forward to exploring at some point. We had to walk across a 500-foot long suspension bridge with all of our gear to get to our campsite, which initially sounded pretty daunting but turned out to be fun, plus full of great photo ops!

Pretend camping is almost as good as the real thing, and it was definitely a treat to get to spend the workday outside grilling delicious food. The food is the best part of camping anyway, if you ask me! It was also great to be a part of capturing the day in photos and working alongside Ryan and Matt.

We got the fire crackling and along with all of the meat we were cooking went some colorful baby bell peppers. There was also a quinoa salad with orange-parsley dressing and a refreshing carrot and fennel slaw, followed up with some simple grilled peaches for dessert. Needless to say we were all happily full at the end of that meal.

Thanks for checking out the details of on what went into this photoshoot!  We love creating visual content to go along with our delicious products and I hope we’ve inspired you to get outside and cook while our beautiful summer lasts here in the Pacific Northwest.

Annie Lalish calls and corresponds with our customers, helps keep the office running smoothly, and occasionally takes beautiful photographs for Marx Foods. You can read more about her here.

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