New to the Store – Sept 2017

More Edible Flowers

White Shiso Flowers
Purple Shiso Flowers

Chocolate Bellflowers
Broccoli Flowers
Pea Flowers

Rose Little Red Corvette
Micro Lavender Blossoms
Sage Monet Pink Flowers

Mum Flowers

Acorn-Fed (Bellota) Iberico Pork Cuts

If Iberico pork is the best in the world (we think it probably is) Bellota is the best Iberico pork, finished on acorns that make the fat sweeter, nuttier, and meltingly smooth.

Bellota Tenderloins
Bellota Frenched Racks
Bellota Shoulder Eye Steaks (Presa)
Bellota Secretos

More cuts are coming soon!

Expanded Game Meats Collection


Coulotte Steaks
Frenched Rib Chops
Tomahawk Steaks
Bottom Rounds
Osso Bucco
Smoked Salami

Wild Boar
Frenched Saddle Chops
Osso Bucco

Exciting Roasting Cuts Ahead of the Holidays

Suckling Lambs
Suckling Pig
Roasting Pig

New Duck Cuts

Duck Bacon
Ground Pekin Duck Meat


Fireflower Habanero Hot Sauce

More Exciting New Products!

We’ve added several new edible flowers, plus more specialty species & cuts to the Marx Foods meat & poultry collection!


New Grass-Fed Angus Beef Cuts:

We’ve added three new cuts to the store, all offering bold flavor at more affordable prices.

Beef cheeks offer superb flavor and should be slow-braised until tender. During the braising process, a lot of gelatin melts from them into the sauce, giving it a luxurious mouth feel & more body.
Coulottes (Sirloin Caps)
Most Americans have never heard of the Coulotte, but in Brazil it’s an institution (known as the picanha). This is the most marbled part of the sirloin, with a fat cap on one side. It’s a superb roasting cut, traditionally cooked with the fat facing up so that it self-bastes as the fat melts. In Brazil it’s sometimes bent into a “u” shape (fat cap out) and skewer roasted.
Chuck Rolls (Boneless Necks)
The chuck roll offers good flavor, but isn’t very tender. It is typically cubed & ground, but can also be cut into stew meat or pot roasts.

New Bison Cuts:

Top Sirloins
Bison top sirloins make an excellent roast, but can also be cut down into top sirloin steaks.
Eye of Rounds
Bison eye of rounds are a more affordable slow roasting cut with good flavor.
We now carry whole partridges. These delicate, delicious birds are each about the size of a large russet potato. They’d make a great centerpiece roasted & served on a platter, but are also perfect single servings one per plate.

New Game Meat Cuts:

Bone-In Elk Legs
More affordable than deboned & cleaned elk Denver legs, these bone-in legs are perfect for roasting.
Bone-In Wild Boar Saddles
The whole middle section of a wild boar, with the bones in, is the most economical way to purchase the expensive loin cuts. It can be roasted whole or, with some butchery knowledge, separated into loins & tenderloins by deboning, or (with a saw) the loins can be turned into bone-in chops.
Alligator Burgers
Alligator burgers are the most affordable alligator cut we offer. Ground from the stronger-flavored leg meat, they have a mackerel-like flavor, but the texture of a ground meat like veal.
Whole Iguana
Yep. You read that right. Iguana. Iguana, believe it or not, actually tastes like to mild pork when cooked. It’s very lean & healthy, and also very environmentally friendly. Our iguana is caught in Puerto Rico, where the lizards are an invasive, highly destructive species that have a dramatic negative effect on the island’s farms & infrastructure. Buy buying & eating iguana meat, you’re providing financial incentive to hunters to bring them in.
Burmese Python Meat
A delicacy in Southeast Asia, python has white meat with a chicken/tuna flavor.

New Edible Flowers!

Just in time for wedding season, our edible flowers collection has expanded to include four new varieties:

Jasmine Flowers
Love roasted bone marrow in restaurants? These canoe-cut bones make it exceptionally easy to prepare & serve at home!
Onion Flowers
A slow roasting or braising cut packed with great flavor at a more affordable price.
Thyme Blossoms
A slow roasting or braising cut packed with great flavor at a more affordable price.

Micro Honeysuckle Flowers
Love roasted bone marrow in restaurants? These canoe-cut bones make it exceptionally easy to prepare & serve at home!

New Cricket Bar Flavor on Marx Pantry

Finally, we have a new flavor of cricket energy bar on Marx Pantry:

Chapul’s new Matcha Banana Cricket Bar may be the staff’s favorite flavor.